M is for Money Characters

Age 7, has a twin brother named Benji

Loves: Hair bows for her pigtails, crayons, books, and dolls
Best Friend: Her cousin Sophie
Age 7, has a twin sister named Tessa

Loves: Bow ties, toy cars and puzzles
Best Friend: His cousin Freddy
Mom & Dad
Parents to Tessa and Benji

Mom Loves: Cooking, reading and hiking
Dad Loves: Gardening, driving his car and watching hockey
Grandma & Grandpa
Parents to Mom and Aunt Rose

Love: Visiting their grandchildren
Grandma Loves: Knitting and making Christmas ornaments
Grandpa Loves: Woodworking and playing cards
Aunt Rose & Uncle Sam
Parents to Freddy and Sophie

Aunt Rose Loves: Volunteering at the school, hiking and reading
Uncle Sam Loves: Making pizza, watching soccer and
riding his bike.
Age 7, has a brother named Freddy and recently lost a tooth

Loves: Chocolate cake, ballet, and piano lessons
Best Friend: Her cousin Tessa
Age 5, has a sister named Sophie

Loves: Toy trucks, building blocks and storybooks
Best Friend: His cousin Benji
Mr. Duncan & Rufus
Live next door to Tessa and Benji

Mr. Duncan Loves: Lemonade and baseball
Rufus Loves: Dog bones and peanut butter
Mr. Nichols
Lives two doors down from Tessa and Benji

Loves: Cooking, volunteering at the local
hospital and painting
Mrs. Morris & Holly
Lives across the street from Tessa and Benji

Mrs. Morris Loves: Gardening and sailing
Holly Loves: Chew toys and cheese
Mrs. Chan
Works at the bank where she keeps Tessa and
Benji's money safe

Loves: Chess, photography and skiing
Is a cashier at the Hardware Store

Has been working there for three years.
Loves to meet new customers at the store
Is a cashier at the Clothing Store

Has been working there for five years.
Loves fashion!
Is a florist at the Flower Shop

Her family owns the Flower Shop.
Loves the smell of pretty flowers
Is a cashier at the Toy Store

Has been working there for two years.
Loves:  Cars, books and drawing
Is a cashier at the Card Shop

Has been working there for six years.
She is very organized!
Loves:  hair bands, jewelry and funky music
Is a cashier at the Ladies' Boutique

Her family owns the store.
Loves:  fancy earrings, groovy music and doing her hair