About Tessa & Benji

About Benji
Hi, my name is Tessa.

I am seven years old. Today is my birthday! I have a twin brother named Benji. We have the same birthday.

We love our mom and dad. Sometimes our grandpa and grandma come over to visit and have dinner with us. We love them too!

Our mom has a sister. Her name is Rose. She is our aunt. She is married to our uncle Sam. They have two children. They are our cousins. Their names are Sophie and Freddy. We have tons of fun playing with them.  

I drew a picture of our family tree. Have a look!

Hi, my name is Benji.

I am seven years old. Today is my birthday! I have a twin sister named Tessa. We have the same birthday.

We live in a wonderful neighbourhood. Our neighbours are very friendly people. Mr. Duncan lives next door. He has a dog named Rufus. A little farther down our street live Mrs. Morris and Mr. Nichols.

Mrs. Morris has a small dog named Holly. I take Holly for a walk when Mrs. Morris goes to visit her sister. I love walking around the neighbourhood.

I drew our neighbourhood map for you. It shows where our school is and the mall we go to when we shop with Mom and Dad. You can see where our family lives too.

Have fun walking around the neighbourhood!