By the Readers

Tessa & Benji love to hear from you. Send us your letters and drawings. We will post a few of them here for you to see!


My son Warren loves, loves, loves the books.  We read the same two books every night.  And I mean every night.  In fact, Warren now reads them to me (we take turns) every night.  
Warren even figured out that Tessa grew up to be Teresa.  Your books also inspired my daughter Gloria to ask for a piggy bank for her 8th birthday recently.  They both receive a quarter a week for helping with laundry. I’ll likely pick up the volume sets and donate them to their school.  Financial literacy is a life skill in today’s society.  Sincerest thanks for creating these invaluable teaching tools.

- Amanda (Mom), February 20, 2018

Hello! My Aunt purchased this whole set for my son when he was quite young. He is now 3.5 years old and we just started reading them to him. He loves the stories! We’ve only read up until book 3 but he can relate to the story line in all 3 books! Ironically we went to my niece's birthday party today and came home and made lemonade and he also knows he has lots of coins in his piggy banks! I love the books and I can’t wait to read more with him and roll up his coins to take to the bank! We’ve opened up TFSA accounts in mutual funds to get the most out of their investments and we plan on adding to it! I love the authors story and how far she has come in her career. Great inspiring books! All the best, Tasha

- Tasha, January 13, 2018


We went through book 1 and 2 before bed tonight. My older daughter Kaileigh (6) loved them. She was understanding and keeping up with the concept of coins and bills and their value, she loved the idea of the lemonade stand and it clicked in her mind "that's how you make money!" They also enjoyed your childhood photo with your brother on the back. They were easy reads!

- Andrew, January 11, 2018

Great article / message for kids and money. Kudos to Teresa Cascioli for doing this.

- Roy, Retired teacher, September 12, 2015

Little Audrey from the UK

Little Audrey from the UK

William from Burlington, Ontario – Grade 4

William from Burlington, Ontario – Grade 4

Scarlett's Video

Christmas Donuts for Tessa & Benji from one of our little readers


Little Elio loves reading about money

An early reader enjoying the M is for Money book choices



Concentrating on M is for Money lessons

Tessa & Maddy

Here are a few letters we received:

Dear Tessa,

I love your books. I can do money just by your book. I wish the other series come out but you don't have to rush. What is your favorite colour?
Your best fan!
Dear Teresa,

My name is Cloee. I read the books "M is for Money" and I really liked the stories. I liked seeing the different ways Tessa and Benji earned money. It made me want to earn my own money and save it just like Tessa and Benji. Thank you for writing these books.
Age 12
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Here are a few drawings that our friends did:



Tyler S.
Age 9
Brampton, Ontario

Lauren R.
Age 4
Oakville, Ontario

Claire R.
Age 8
Oakville, Ontario

Marcus R.
Age 5
Oakville, Ontario

Caroline R.
Age 21/2
Oakville, Ontario

Age 6
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Age 8
Stoney Creek, Ontario