Our Story...


Hi, everyone! We are Tessa & Benji.

We are seven years old. We are twins. That means we have the same birthday!  

Mom and Dad teach Benji and me new things every day. On our birthday we learned about something called money. M is for Money®! Money can be coins or paper

Usually we get money from Mom and Dad for doing chores. Sometimes we do chores for our neighbours and they give us money too! We even get money as a present to celebrate a special occasion, like our birthday. If we are lucky, we find money in unusual places, like under the couch! We received coins called nickels, dimes, quarters. These are cents. We also received loonies, toonies, five-dollar and ten-dollar bills. These are dollars and cents. It’s all called money. 

We put a little table at the end of our driveway one very hot day this past summer. We made a pitcher of cold lemonade and we received quarters for every cup of lemonade that our neighbours drank! Sometimes you get money for selling things that other people want, like lemonade.

We can use our money now to buy whatever we like or we can use it later when we need something. We keep our money in a special toy called a piggy bank.

To put money into the piggy bank we push it through an opening at the top. When we want to use the money we pull the stopper out from the bottom. The money falls right out!

When our piggy banks are full we take them to a place called a bank. A bank is like a really big piggy bank! We met Mrs. Chan there. She is our bank clerk. There is a special place at the bank where our money is kept. It’s called a bank account.  

I have one with my name on it. Benji has one too! You can put money into your bank account or take money out of it anytime you want.

Benji and I go to the shopping mall once in a while. One day, Dad had a list of things he needed to buy so we went along with him. It is always best to bring money with you when you go to the shopping mall. You need to count your money before you leave to make sure you have enough to buy the things you want.  

Dad brought his money to the mall in a flat and folded thing he called a wallet. We learned that it’s like a pouch. Money is safe inside so you don’t lose it. He took out his wallet each time he bought something. Later we talked to Mom and she told us that she has one too. She keeps it in her purse and uses it when she goes shopping.

If you don’t have enough money in your piggy bank or in your bank account to buy the things you need, you may be able to get more money through something called a loan. If you do, you must promise to return the money to the person who gave you the loan. That’s called a payback. Benji did that! 

I gave Benji a loan of a dollar. He promised to return the loonie as soon as he could. Benji was very happy that I loaned him one dollar. He was able to buy a new toy car because of it. Without the loan, he would not have had enough money.

Later, when Benji walked Holly, Mrs. Morris's dog, Mrs. Morris gave him two dollars. Mrs. Morris told him to save a loonie if he didn't need to buy something right away. Benji gave me one loonie and kept one loonie for himself. Dad said because he returned the money to me, he didn't have a loan anymore.

The most important thing we learned about money is that it can help other people. Giving is great! We gave the coins in our piggy banks to the children’s hospital near our home. They will use it to buy equipment to help the children who are sick.

I hope you have fun reading about our adventures with money. Benji and I learned a lot about money by talking with our mom and dad. I’m sure you will too! 

Bye for now!