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M is for Money®
The Little Piggy Bank
Book 1

What Is Money?

By Teresa Cascioli
March 10, 2015 | Softcover or E-book
ISBN: 978-1-987905-00-7
ESBN: 978-1-987905-21-2
48-page softcover

$7.99 CAD
  • Book 1, The Little Piggy Bank, begins right at the beginning.  As readers follow the financial adventures of twins, Tessa and Benji, they learn what money is both physically and practically.  They observe that people receive money in exchange for work or sometimes receive money as a gift.  Money can be used right away or it can be saved for spending later.

    The readers learn that money comes in paper and coin format.  They are also introduced to the concept of storing money in a piggy bank to keep it safe in one place – ready for future use.

    The book is 5.5” x 10” and is green, black and grey throughout.

    Currency references are Canadian dollars.
  • About the Author
    Teresa Cascioli is one of Canada’s top business minds.  She is a Commerce graduate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
    As the former CEO of Lakeport Brewing she took the company from bankruptcy to a $201 million sale to Labatt in just eight years.  She led one of Canada’s most successful income trust public offerings and was recognized with many prestigious entrepreneurial awards.
    Teresa served as Strategic Advisor to Labatt and KPMG.  Today, in addition to writing, she devotes her spare time to charitable causes.  Teresa lives in Halton, Ontario.