To: All Parents and Teachers
From: Teresa Cascioli, Author 

I can’t thank you enough for visiting our website and for including Tessa and Benji in the lives of your children. The M is for Money® series is a first big step for them into the world of financial literacy.

By way of background, I am the eldest daughter of Italian immigrants and was born in Hamilton, Ontario. I learned the value of money at a very young age as I watched my parents work hard to make a new life in Canada. I did chores and homework, took music lessons, and played outdoors just like other kids. But I always knew that when I went to the corner store for my mom, I had to bring back all of the change because it was needed to pay the mortgage or other bills. My parents talked to me about how difficult it was to earn a living, and when faced with competing priorities for their hard-earned money, hard decisions had to be made.

Without the conversations I had about money at a very young age I would not appreciate the things that I have been blessed with today. I hope the M is for Money® series helps you start conversations that will remain with and positively influence your children for years to come.  

Thanks again for making this series a part of your children’s financial literacy learning process. I am truly grateful.  

Teresa (aka Tessa)

P.S.  I’ve created a few fun ways for you to reward your children and students. You can print certificates for your children or students each time they achieve a little financial success!